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Ashley Elizabeth Wood, aka: “Profesora Madera”, is a Spanish teacher extraordinaire.  She has many important college degrees and years of teaching experience at many of the finest universities in Georgia.  In her spare time, she learns other languages, makes YouTube videos and studies linguistics. Check out her CV!

Ashley was on her way to getting her PhD in Hispanic Linguistics when she had a sudden change of heart. Instead of only being able to teach a few students each semester, Profesora Madera decided to teach a wider audience.  Profesora Madera’s Spanish teaching methods are unlike any other.  Whether you want to learn a few tips for picking up the ladies or understand the depths of the Spanish grammar system, Profesora Madera can help.  She offers private tutoring via Skype, personal lessons, culture consultations, travel assistance, translation services and phonetic coaching and general advice.

In Iguazú Falls, Argentina

Most of Profesora Madera’s teaching materials are unique and self-written. Her years of linguistics experience will break down the most difficult concepts in a way that makes sense.  Profesora Madera can tailor your study program specifically for your Spanish needs. People learning conversational Spanish won’t have to use the same material as the students who are studying to pass the AP exam. Best of all, Profesora Madera teaches all age groups and offers a variety of package options and study programs.

Profesora Madera also loves to write and has some other things for you to check out if you are interested!

Check out her blog related to culture, music and language: http://musiculturelang.wordpress.com/

Or her other writings: http://ashleyelizabethwood.wordpress.com/


My name is Ashley Wood and I am currently a tutor of Spanish and English as well as a translator and interpreter. I specialize in tutoring of all levels for all ages and offer online tutoring to meet the needs of my students outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  I also specialize in accent reduction for English and Spanish for those who already speak those languages and would like to sound more like native speakers. You can find out more at my website: www.languageculturesolutions.com

I just recently resigned from my Ph.D. program in Hispanic Linguistics, but academia is still a big part of my life.  My research interests include sociolinguistics (specifically pragmatics), phonetics/phonology (specifically intonation), ethnomusicology and Hispanic and Afro-Hispanic cultural studies. My major area of focus is the Caribbean (including Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico). Since my undergraduate degree was in international affairs and modern languages, I have a great interest in international politics and economic policies as well as women’s and prejudice studies.

I love researching about how music, culture, politics and language weave themselves together to represent the world in which we live. I am currently interested in researching tonal qualities of language and music within a culture to see the correlation between intonational patterns and pragmatic usage. I would also like to examine both these phenomenons to see if any correlations exist between intonation, tones and musical culture. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in collaborating on any research projects or have information to share. Also, feel free to check out my blog related to music and language: http://musiculturelang.wordpress.com/

Dominant languages: English, Spanish, German
Other languages: French, Portuguese, Italian, Latin, Albanian and Russian
Citizenship: United States of America

My name is Ashley Elizabeth Wood and I am a linguist, as well as an amateur sociologist and ethnomusicologist.  This blog is dedicated to exploring the places where music, culture and language intersect. I comment on music and social trends worldwide from a sociological and historical perspective.  Since linguistics is at the center of my academic training, that point of view is highly involved in my assessments of musical artists and trends.


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